October 30: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesHere are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Reward Points Don’t Live On – CNBC

What do companies do with customers’ loyalty points when they die? A recent COLLOQUY report reveals transfer policies of industry leaders.

2. DIY Chain Tests Variable Pricing – Retail Wire

B&Q, a home improvement and garden center retailer based in the United Kingdom, uses technology to test variable pricing for customers.

3. Saving Customer Relationships Despite Negative WOM – Direct Marketing News

A recent LoyaltyOne study reveals how companies can turn negative word-of-mouth into positive customer experiences.

4. Kroger Knows Your Shopping Patterns Better Than You Do – Forbes

The grocery chain has made a massive investment in tracking shopper habits to better tailor messaging and promotions.

5. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Start Monitoring Credit Card Rewards Program Language – COLLOQUY

The U.S. agency has announced it will begin reviewing credit card rewards language to ensure clarity.

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