September 4: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesHere are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. Loyalty Programs Make the Small Screen – COLLOQUY

How some home entertainment companies are turning to loyalty initiatives and customer data to gain the competitive edge.

2. PerkStreet Rewards Vanish Without a Trace –

An online rewards-based bank has shut down leaving more than $1 million in rewards non-redeemable for customers.

3. Retail Marketing: Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street – The Guardian

The story shares loyalty program lessons from the UK’s leading DIY and garden center retailer B&Q.

4. Restaurant Loyalty Programs Pay Off in Surprising Ways – Pizza

Pizza chain study shows benefit to sophisticated restaurant loyalty programs.

5. Tesco Clubcard vs. Nectar: Best Loyalty Schemes – The Telegraph

Readers weigh in on their loyalty card usage and each program’s offerings are revealed.

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