April 17: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesHere are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. Mastercard, Amex Quietly Feed Transaction Data to Advertisers — AdAge

Credit-card firms’ practice of selling transaction data to marketing companies raises privacy concerns.

2. The personal touch: Hotels customize rewards to match consumer tastes and trends —Leader-Post

The story shares how hotels are tailoring rewards to create memorable experiences for guests.

3. Do you have a spring or summer break hiding in a rewards program? Time to check the points balance — The Boston Globe

How families can capitalize on rewards points and use them to fund their vacations.

4. Swipely Expands Its Credit Card-Based Loyalty System — Tech Crunch

A startup that helps companies manage customer loyalty programs using credit card data has increased its offerings.

5. ‘Ship My Pants:’ Kmart’s Unexpected Viral Hit — Forbes

A video promoting Kmart’s rewards program has gone viral.

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