January 9: Loyalty Links & Likes

Here are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. Is Brand Loyalty Dying A Slow And Painful Death? — Forbes

The author mentions the decline of brand loyalty and discusses the power of price in purchasing decisions.

2. Loyalty has its rewards both for operators and customers — Fast Casual

This story focuses on the restaurant industry and offers tips for companies in making their loyalty programs more effective.

3. The changing consumer-retailer relationship: interview with Panasonic — the guardian

Panasonic’s customer service leader dishes on efforts to improve customer service through new technology.

4. Dodgers exploring rewards program for using social media sites — Los Angeles Times

The baseball team is looking into a “Social Media Loyalty” program that would reward fans for social media interaction.

5. A Look Under the Loyalty Hood — CRM Magazine

I’m sharing this link because it includes practical advise for businesses on how to make their loyalty programs run smoothly.

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