January 16: Loyalty Links & Likes

Here are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. Why Airline Loyalty Programs Aren’t Loyal to Frequent Fliers — Huffington Post

Though I’d argue that not all airlines fit the picture the author paints, the story does show the ramifications of a loyalty program gone wrong.

2. Tip of the Week: Store Cards on Phone — The Wall Street Journal

The author suggests storing loyalty cards on your phone as a way to ensure their use and ultimately save money. For a deeper look into the mobile wallet world I recommend Phaedra Hise’s “Unfolding the Mobile Wallet.”

3. Google Introduces Digital Couponing and Loyalty Solution “Zavers” — Marketing Land

Paper-friendly program targets large brands and national retailers with online coupon distribution and streamlined redemption.

4. Case Study: San Diego Smoothie Chain Favors Loyalty Over Acquisition — Street Fight Magazine

Shake Smart ditches old push-card program after defrauding. The smoothie chain now operates a healthy loyalty program via a phone app.

5. Meijer Customer Service Saves The Day After Surgery — The Consumerist

Here’s yet another example of superior customer service leading to customer loyalty.

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