December 12: Loyalty Links & Likes

Here are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. Drugstore loyalty cards: Four questions to ask — USA Today

All national drugstore chains now offer loyalty programs. This story shares insight into how to pick the program to best fit your needs.

2. ‘Loyalty’ dividends considered to reward long-term investing — Financial Post

A loyalty program for shareholders? Researchers to study the effects of using incentives to encourage investors.

3. Kellogg, Verizon use Gamification to Build Loyalty — Chief Marketer

The story explores ways brands can engage shoppers, benefit the bottom line and build loyalty.

4. Unfolding the Mobile Wallet — COLLOQUY

COLLOQUY Senior Editor Phaedra Hise explores the concept of keeping your money where your mobile is. Hise reveals how loyalty marketers can capitalize on the new payment methods.

5. KULA Causes: Your Rewards Points, Miles Equal Cash Charity Donations — Huffington Post

Using your loyalty rewards in a more rewarding way. This story discusses using loyalty “currency” to benefit charities.

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