December 19: Loyalty Links & Likes

Here are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. Under the Radar: Ten Trends Loyalty Marketers Might Not See Coming in 2013 — COLLOQUY

COLLOQUY’s new Editorial Director, Carlos Dunlap, zeroes in on loyalty marketing trends for 2013. You can download the full report here — it’s free.

2. Simple Tools Help Owners Sift Data for Eager Customers — The New York Times

This story is all about the data. It cites examples of companies harnessing customer data, including both Web-based businesses and traditional retailers.

3. Loyal Customers Are Not to Be Trifled With — CRM Buyer

“3 Big Don’ts” for companies looking to boost loyalty and in turn profitability.

4. Will 2013 Be The Year of Loyalty Programs? — Forbes

The author explains why the proliferation of new loyalty programs this year is only a sampling of what’s to come.

5. The Right Customer Loyalty Program for You — Dealer Marketing Magazine

Customer retention vs. customer acquisition. The author details why retention matters most and how loyalty programs can help.

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