October 24: Loyalty Links & Likes

Here are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. The rewards of loyalty — Business Standard

Our friends in India highlight how consumers can be turned off to loyalty programs by their complexity, lack of relevance and poor offerings.

2. Considerations for leveraging loyalty across mobile, web and in person — tnooz

The author gets down to the nuts and bolts of loyalty programs, defining loyalty, offering tips to building a program and exploring different channels.

3. Even regulated monopolies need love and loyalty — Direct Marketing News

Why waste energy on a loyalty program when you have a built-in customer base? A Duke Energy exec weighs in.

4. What Marketers Are Getting Wrong About Loyalty — Co.Create

The story details the biggest mistake brands make with loyalty programs and delves into the human psyche.

5. CIOS Come Out of the Back Office with Big Data — Wall Street Journal

Sears is using data that shows consumers’ past purchases to customize coupons for its customers. This article explains the big data concept, providing more real-world examples and relating it to loyalty.

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