Testing Your Customer Commitment, With 12 Questions

We all have a lot of casual relationships in our lives, but the one we should never be carefree about is the relationship we have with our customers.

It’s a pretty straightforward concept. If we are not completely dedicated to understanding and responding to customer needs and values today, then why should we believe they’d be there with us tomorrow? It would be foolish to expect customers to be loyal to a brand if the brand is not committed to the customer first.

Think about it: How do you define customer loyalty within your organization? How much information do you collect and how do you use it? And how loyal are your own employees?

Of course, knowing what level of engagement and understanding you require to attain customer loyalty can be tricky. Different organizations interact with consumers in different ways. Some are on frequent basis, such as supermarkets or fuel stations, while others – auto dealers – are less common. And then there are all those in between – airlines, hotel chains, restaurants.

But the common denominator in these relationships is that all companies have the ability to collect information, and to glean from it a better knowledge of their customers. To this end, we created the Loyalty Leap quiz. This short test will help you to gauge, with just 12 questions, your customer quotient – are you customer casual, customer close or customer committed?

You can take the quiz here, or from the home page of my web site, Good luck!

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