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  • Your Next Best Job Opportunity Is In Technology — Retail Technology

    February 20th, 2018

    Retailers are predicted to close thousands of stores in 2018, eliminating potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs. But in the back end of retail, and in the aisles, an army of jobs is being created that require highly skilled individuals. Here are the three areas to find retail tech jobs.

  • Gaining Shopper Trust Through Advisory Panels: The Nordstrom Way

    September 28th, 2017

    Influential retailers are turning to shoppers to provide direct feedback on products and services in return for sharing their opinions and special offers. Shopper panels also have a hidden bonus: They enable merchants to gather further data from their most influential customers.

  • Makeup Remover: 3 Ways To Capture The Shopper In The Evolving Beauty Aisle

    September 18th, 2017

    The beauty aisle’s greatest enhancement isn’t in ingredients or promises, but in deals. Competition from new retail channels is forcing traditional beauty brands and retailers to offer up discounts that would make some lip-lined mouths drop open.

  • Credit-Freeing Currency: How Nordstrom Rewards Is Benefitting From Ditching The Card

    April 26th, 2017

    Nordstrom in mid-2016 changed its rewards program so members could earn points regardless of how they pay. The results are now in: 3.7 million new memberships. How freedom to pay can contribute to growth and engagement, and be an opportunity to promote the value of branded credit cards.